A Natural Remedy for Lupus: My Lupus Solution

I know the Extreme Health Makeovers work well because my family and I did it. I discovered a natural remedy for lupus that actually works!  And as a result of removing the debilitating toxins from our lifestyle and building the strongest bodies that we could, our health has improved dramatically.

Listed below you'll see the items that I personally use that have given me great relief from my lupus problems and are a natural remedy for lupus. Please note that this may or may not help your specific situation and always consult a doctor. Also, I may vary the supplements depending on how I am feeling, my activity level, and my stress level.

Since I have systemic lupus, My favorite is definitely the  Rx Package. It provides me with the most comprehensive foundation and is definitely a natural remedy for lupus. The bottom of the page contains more of my favorites.
Rx plan by Shaklee is the ultimate combination of natural supplements to improve your health & save the most money.

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Rid your home of over $3400 of toxic cleaners in 1 easy step.

Most complete green cleaning package available. Guaranteed! Enjoy the beautiful fresh scent of a green laundry cleaner instead of the heavy chemical smells.
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It's time for your skin to take its vitamins

It's time for your skin to take its vitamins. Just 3 minutes, twice a day, for 28 days. You'll see younger-looking skin - guaranteed. Perfect for normal to dry skin care.

The most effective Glucosamine supplements on the market today. Glucosamine, an amino sugar, promotes cartilage formation and renewal. Excellent not only for sports nutrition, but any joint health.

Joint comfort in as Few as 5 Days+


Get the best calcium supplement on the market today! Go beyond calcium to build and maintain strong bones and teeth. This best calcium supplement helps retain normal blood pressure, assist in muscle contraction and nerve transmission and helps reduce PMS symptoms.

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The highest quality alfalfa derived from the mature alfalfa plant so it is even safe for people with autoimmune illnesses like lupus. Affordable too.
Move over Red Bull, time for a healthy energy drink. Shaklee Energy Chews are a revolutionary energy supplement that taste delicious. Energy Chews are packed with a whole lot of healthy attitude -- the kind that helps energize your body, sharpen your mind, and improve your mood.
Shaklee PerformanceŽ, Orange
Maximum Endurance Sports Drink, 19 ounces / 19 servings Kosher Star K

Enough Nutrients to Finish the Race. Excellent sports nutrition.
Herb-Lax formulated in 1917 is time tested and proven to be a safe gentle laxative and colon cleanser.

Conveniently sold in 2 sizes.
Liver DTX Complex is a high quality, safe, and natural liver detox to gently and effective detox your liver for superior health.
Calming complex is a perfect compliment to any skin care program because it soothes irritated skin from environmental stress. Comfort for Irritated Skin
Luxurious shea butter is extracted from the fruit of the shea tree, long treasured for moisturizing properties. Paraben free skin care.
Safe, effective sunblock designed by Shaklee scientist to protect you from skin cancer and premature aging. As always, this high quality sunblock contains NO parabens so offer you the healthiest choice.

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During my pregnancies I needed to use steroids to assure the health of my children which depleted my bone density and being 43 year old female I need extra calcium anyway so I use OsteoMatrix. This way my bones stay strong. Many of us have used Predisone for various reasons, but mine happened to be risk associated with my pregnancies.

Instead of using prescription anti-inflammatories, I found that the Joint Health Complex works far better for my body. I never recommend stopping any prescription without your doctor's consent. Many of us with or without prescriptions find that our arthritis is still aggravated so Glucosamine is a good solution.

Furthermore, many people have this problem with lupus. Our skin is super sensitive and reacts to everything. I never even used soap on my face until I was introduced to the Shaklee Enfuselle Skin Care line. I couldn't believe the results. On days that my skin tends to be a little red, I add the calming lotion. Otherwise, I just use the natural skin care.

As an added side effect of the lupus, I have Raynaud's syndrome. I found that simply using the Shea Butter, my feet are soothed after a long day.

Since I am extremely active, you may be wondering what I use when I workout. I use what every other athlete uses - Performance for rehydration, Physique for recovery, and the Energy Chews for a natural boost of energy. I only use these supplements when my workouts call for them.

All of these Shaklee products are the best natural remedy for lupus!

You may think this is a lot and a costly solution when I could just get some prescriptions and solve the problem. The only thing is that many of my prescriptions were recalled or had worse side effects. I went from seeing many doctors frequently to 1 or 2 doctors annually. I went from being bed-ridden to running and playing with my children. So for me the cost is much less expensive than the route I was on.

Since my success was so excellent, I wanted to share it with others on the natural remedy for lupus I found that works for me and by doing so I not only pay for my products but also help my husband with our monthly bills all while helping & teaching others how to improve their health.

Thank you and I wish the best for you.

God Bless You. -- Barb